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TC-HK s.r.o. company operates its car and van repair shop in a reconstructed and enlarged building situated in former military barracks in Rychnov nad Kneznou. This auto repair shop is equipped with state-of-the-art workshop and diagnostic equipment. All services are provided by a team of qualified and experienced mechanics. With its specialization, the repair shop is ready to provide car repair services in Rychnov nad Kneznou and its surroundings. The technical facilities of the auto repair and tyre service were constructed with an eye to the need to provide comprehensive service. All the services can thus be provided on a high technical and professional level and in one place..

Car repair service activities:



We carry out servicing of cars and vans of all brands, quick-service
  • Engine, steering, brake, cooling, ignition and fuel system repairs and other minor.
  • Regular inspections, preparation and taking care of technical inspection and emission measurement.
  • When previously arranged by telephone, oil and brake pad replacement and other minor repairs can be done while you wait. We have filters, brake pads and operating fluids for commonly used vehicles on stock.
  • Installation of parking sensors and headlight switch detectors to all types of vehicles.
  • Installation of mechanical security devices, electronic security systems, trailer hitches and roof racks. 
We perform vehicle alignment using the latest 3D 
  • Control camera technology and vehicle geometry value measuring.
  • Setting of steering system, shanks, wheel suspensions, shock absorbers and struts and stabillizers.
  • Output protocols stating geometry status before and after the alignment with visual description.
We perform automotive fault diagnostics. 
  • Connection of the vehicle to a diagnostic system.
  • Control unit setting, failure inspection and erasing.
  • Change of settings, adjustments, customization, immobiliser, ABS, airbag,…
We perform windscreen replacements in cars and vans of all brands.
  • Free damage repair in cooperation with insurance companies.
  • Noncash replacement without adjuster’s presence for the clients of partner insurance companies.
  • Replacement of all windows in cars and vans
  • Provádíme kompletní servis klimatizací vozidel
We perform complete servicing of air-conditioning
    • Disinfection of air-conditioning, air-circuit cleaning 
    • Air-conditioning replacement and filling with environmentally-friendly coolant
    • Repairs of air-conditioning units and circulating circuit
 We operate a tyre service for cars, vans and trucks, trailers and construction machinery.
  • We sell new tyres cheaper than Internet shops.
  • Tyre replacement, balancing, installation and removal.
  • Seasonal tyre storing.
  • Salvage and ecological disposal of old and damaged tyres.
  • Sběr a ekologická likvidace starých nebo poškozených pneumatik
  • We will help you. Fit the wheels to your car HERE HERE in our cast wheel configurator and get a picture (literally) of how your car will look with our wheels in advance. We also recommend taking a look at the tyres you can use with the new wheels.

We provide comprehensive service in the settlement of insurance events
  • Noncash settlement for clients of partner insurance companies.
  • Substitute vehicle for the duration of repair for the aggrieved person FOR FREE!

We rent cars and vans

  • Substitute vehicle lending for the duration of repair.
  • Possibility of short-term and long-term rental.
  • Clients of contracting insurance companies can borrow a substitute vehicle for the duration of repair FOR FREE!
We ensure car and van towing
  • 7/24 ASSISTANCE Tel.: 739 302 594.
We provide corporate vehicle fleet maintenance service
  • We can provide car and tyre maintenance of corporate vehicle fleet 
    We are also able to deal with vehicle fleet operation administration pursuant to particular requests and needs
  • In the event of a contractual cooperation we will provide a substitute car, van or lorry for the duration of repair 

  • We can mediate MTPL or motor hull insurance for you, ensure settlement of insurance events, help you with vehicle transport, its removal from the evidence, etc.
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